One common concern of patients of all ages is teeth staining. Stains are caused by certain foods, lifestyles, or the inevitable aging process. You can prevent staining, especially when practicing great oral hygiene and regularly visiting your hygienist. We offer a variety of options for tooth whitening, but here are some tips to maintain your bright smile.

Limit Certain Foods: While they are tasty, foods that are bold in color are most likely to cause stains. Limit red sauces, blueberries, and raspberries.

Kick the Bad Habits: It is no secret that tobacco products are harmful to your oral health and cause staining. Kick the habit and keep your pearly whites!

Drink More Water: Consuming large amounts of red wines, coffee, teas and sodas can not only erode enamel but stain teeth. According to, even white and green teas cause staining.

There are three types of stains: surface stains, under the surface stains, and age related stains. Each type responds to whitening. If you are interested in in-office or at-home whitening treatments, give us a call!

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